Mar 312010
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My mother-in-law is giving me an afternoon out tomorrow. She and my father-in-law watch the kids fairly often when I have a doctor’s appointment or some other appointment where taking the kids with me is inconvenient.

But this is different. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t need her to watch the kids. She just wants to give me this as a "Thank you" for helping her with something.

So I made an appointment to get my hair cut. But I don’t know what else I should do!

What would you do if you had a free afternoon tomorrow?

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  3 Responses to “Afternoon out”

  1. I would totally go get my hair cut! Lucky you! I skipped my last haircut and am soooo ready for a new do. Have fun.

    The other thing I would do is to get my toes done with my girlfriend. Before homeschool, we had pedicures every few weeks (when it is warm) and yakked the whole time. It's one of my little splurges and I desperately miss my time with her. How do you manage your girl-friendships?


  2. I would get my hair cut too. I would also wander through a book store and try not to go bankrupt. LOL! Have a blessed day.



  3. A massage!!!! then a nice lunch where you dont have to order from a speaker lol ..then id get my hubby to meet me in a cheap hotel ..but this is just me 😉

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