Real Family Pictures

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The Happy Housewife challenged people to post their real family pictures. We had a crazy time trying to get a family shot in front of the tree this year.

I love the totem pole effect in this one.
I want Mommy to hold me!

Oops, Dad forgot to set the timer!

What is going on with my neck!

This is what we ended up using. (With the color doctored a bit.)


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6 thoughts on “Real Family Pictures”

  1. Small blogging world! I have visited your site before after finding it on a friend's blog. In fact the geography game you posted quite a while back is still one of our favorites!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed observing the challenge step-by-step!

    Southern Gal

  2. Cindy @ Fenced in Family

    Very funny, Kristen, I love those "We're trying!" shots. We went through a couple dozen of those this year too. Your final photo is beautiful.

  3. I love the pictures. I'm glad you got a couple that are really nice and the other ones are just funny but cute. I am still working on taking ours.

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