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When am I ever going to need this?

Why do I have to learn this?

Math is so boring.

If you’ve ever heard any of the above in your home, I have a suggestion for you.

It’s called Make It Real Learning.

I reviewed one of the modules: Sets, Probability, and Statistics from Volume I several years ago. We really enjoyed it!

I recently received the Activity Library: Volume II to review. This volume contains the following 11 books.

    • Make it real learningArithmetic II
    • Fractions, Percents, Decimals III
    • Fractions, Percents, Decimals IV
    • Geometry I
    • Geometry II
    • Graphing & Other Algebra Skills I
    • Graphing & Other Algebra Skills II
    • Linear Functions III
    • Periodic & Piecewise II
    • Quadratic II
    • Sets, Probability, Statistics II

As you can see, many of the topics are continuations of those found in the first volume. However, I do not think it is necessary to have completed Volume I to use Volume II. Volume II adds 2 subjects, Geometry and Graphing, that were not topics in Volume I.

Each of the books contains 10 modules that use a wide variety of real world examples. In Graphing & Other Algebra Skills I, your students can work problems on topics such as autism rates, paper sizes, interest rates, and calculating take home pay. Geometry includes area and volume calculations for swimming pools and landscaping, using right triangles around the house, and so much more. (Maybe this will spark an interest in my son for landscaping! We could certainly use the help.) Each problem set has both student worksheets and a complete solution set.

I think the wide variety of topics make the problems so much more interesting. I’ve enjoyed using these because they always get my son off on some other learning tangent. (OK, I confess that sometimes drives my insane, but in theory I like it.)

The books are only available as e-books, making them to convenient to use and store. Just print the parts that you’re going to use. You can purchase the complete Activity Library Volume II at the Make It Real Learning website for $39.99. There is a special bundled price of $69.99 for both volumes of Make It Real Learning Activity Library. There are also free samples available on their website. I highly recommend taking a look at the samples. I think you’ll be impressed.

Thank you Make It Real Learning for allowing me to review Volume II!


Disclosure: I received the Make It Real Learning Activity Library Volume II for free in order to write this review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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