Easter pictures

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It has been an eventful several days for our family.  Today we started back to school after 5 days off.  My husband had surgery on his ankle on Thursday so I had my hands full over the weekend.  He was able to get out and go to church and to his parents’ house on Easter. 

Here is an incredibly goofy looking picture of all of us squinting into the sun.

And here are some of my littlest sweetheart.

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6 thoughts on “Easter pictures”

  1. Glad to see your DH is up and about! And your little DD is adorable – amazing how fast they grow. I didn't get any Easter pics of us as I was sick in bed. 🙁

  2. Very cute! We had snow here for Easter but since we were still sick we didn't get out anyway. Your picture looks nice and "springy" just as it should.


  3. What a great picture. Who took one of your family, that looks so sweet even the squinting. It makes it more special,like "oh yeah it was really bright out that day, remember" . I can hear you guys talking about that for yrs to come. Your baby looks so sweet, "cutie".

  4. Hey Kristen! I'm still enjoying your blog, but I have a question. Who is this little cutie? I thought your youngest just turned 6.



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