Busy Days

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Well, it’s been a busy couple of days.

Yesterday my husband had the day off, so we did one of my favorite things. Hit the road! As organized as I like to be with most things, there is something about just setting off not sure of your plans that I enjoy so much. Surprising, I know.

We ended up in Charlotte where we went to The Discovery Place. It’s a great science museum, but it’s in the middle of a renovation right now. Frankly, I wouldn’t pay the money for admission right now. But, we have a membership to another science museum so we got in FREE. It’s definitely worth free. They have some excellent physics exhibits. Everything is very hands on. The kids enjoyed our time there.

I don’t think she envisioned lying on a bed of nails when she got up this morning.

After Discovery Place we  headed south (well, technically it was west, but it was south on I-85.) and found a state park (Crowders Mountain) we had never visited. We had looked for it before and couldn’t find it. This time we had our N.C. hiking guide that had better directions.

It was a lovely day. We were a little late to take too long of a hike, but we got to hike for about an hour. We’re definitely going back sometime.

Will I ever get this kid to smile?

These two were happy at least.

And the totally goofy child.

After our hike we headed towards home. But we made a brief stop at IKEA. OK, so it took over an hour, but that’s brief for IKEA. I wasn’t planning on buying anything last night, but we ended up getting a desk for my daughter’s birthday. (I was planning on getting her a desk for her birthday, but just not last night.) But since we were there anyway….Hopefully someone else does crazy things like that.

Now we’ve got the pieces downstairs in my newly organized basement. Before we put them together, we’ve got to take apart Little One’s crib. She doesn’t use it except for an occasional nap, but I’m still not looking forward to taking it down.

So after getting home about 8:30 last night, we had a busy day again today. Morning school, afternoon book club and library. We came home for about 40 minutes before I had to take my daughter to violin lessons. We got home from violin to dinner which my husband made while we were gone! (A+) Then he left to take my son to basketball practice.

Tomorrow I’m not going anywhere!

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