Dec 282009
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Here are some of my favorite Christmas pictures. They are not necessarily "good" pictures in the photographic sense, but represent something special to me.

The kids and I did a lot of baking and we’ve eaten a lot of chocolate!

Our church family went on a hayride through the Festival of Lights. Then we had a bonfire and sang Christmas carols.

We had an unusual occurrence for our area. December snow!

8 inches of snow!

The world record tangle in my daughter’s hair! (This wasn’t so special, but I couldn’t resist posting.)

Little one got her very own doll cradle.

I love the excitement of Christmas morning!

My craft-loving daughter shows off a gift.

I haven’t seen much of my son since he opened this.

We had a lovely Christmas dinner at my in-laws house. Not all the family was able to be there on Christmas Day but we will get to see almost everyone during the Christmas season.

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  2 Responses to “Christmas Celebrations”

  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas.



  2. I am glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas.



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