Mar 192008
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I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “He’d lose his head if it wasn’t attached.”  Well, that is so not me.  I take pride in my organizational abilities.  I like to arrange things.  I have places to store most everything.


But lately….. I don’t know what the problem is.  Actually, I think I do know what the problem is.  She’s small, cute,  17 months old and she moves things. In the last month we have lost (and later found after varying lengths of time in some really weird places.) 2 juggling balls, our physics book, our Greek text book,  and my older dd’s Bible.


This morning, I got in the van at my usually ridiculously early hour to go to the Y.  I checked for my headphones.  Not there. Oh yeah, I accidentally wore them up into the house on Monday morning.  Back upstairs.  No headphones.  Went to the Y mad.  I exercised some of my irritation out.  I was feeling somewhat better when we sat down to start our school day and now our Westminster Confession book is missing! AUGGH!!!!!!!! I feel like I’m losing my mind.


My pride is fading.  To those of you who lose things, I promise I will no longer think it is your own fault.  I will have more compassion when dh loses something and goes ballistic.


Now I better go look in the refrigerator for my headphones. And get more coffee.


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  4 Responses to “Losing Things”

  1. Ahhh, sweet toddlers. They just love to humble you, don't they?

    I came across your blog while looking for info on lapbooking. We have just started to incorporate it into our schooling this year. Thank you so much for what you have shared.


  2. Ok, I am one of those unorganized people. I want to get organized but have yet to get there. I have organized a few things in my life like scrapbooking stuff and it is soo nice to have it like that. Every time I sigh and think to myself if the rest of my life were like this I would love it.

    What is your secret?

    Oh on the toddler, just remember how sweet she is.

    Vanessa M

  3. Moms are suppose to know where everything is! It is so humbling to have our "source of pride" used to remind us we are not perfect!! Just think of it this way, you will probably start findings things now!

    Here is the website I use to find my cake designs!

    It is loaded with things!



  4. Ahhh ha ha ha ha hee hee hee wooooooo hoo hoo… whaaaaaaahhh ha ha ha …..heh heh…<muffled snicker>….. Oh, that felt good. 🙂 I have soooo been there before. Except I'm not nearly as organized. Actually, I like to think of myself as very organized (as in I KNOW HOW to get very organized), but I lack the motivation/discipline to STAY organized. As for the toddler…I'm still trying to get my 10yo to purposefully NOT put things in crazy places.

    Thanks for the "abdominal workout" from excessive "sympathy" laughter.

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