Heat and Energy Lapbook

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We completed our Heat and Energy lapbook last week. This was the first lapbook that really made sense to me. I have liked the idea of lapbooking since I heard of it about a year ago, but most of the ones we have done seemed somewhat awkward to me.  I guess I’m not really a unit study person.  I can’t wrap my brain around a true unit study.  Most of the pre-made lapbooks have seemed to me (and my kids) that we were learning things to make the lapbook.  Unfortunately, that is a general tendency that I have seen in myself as a teacher (and a person for that matter.) I struggle with doing things just to get them done.


Anyway, I digress.  For our Heat and Energy lapbooks we used God’s Design for the Physical World – Heat and Energy published by Answers in Genesis, as our “spine”.  We read the lesson, did the accompanying activity, and made a minit book corresponding to the lesson.  (Sometimes making the book was the activity.) This method finally made sense to me.  Making the minit books was reinforcing what we were already learning.  Looking at our completed lapbooks now and in the future will serve as a good review of our study. The kids enjoyed making the books (for the most part.)


Here are the titles of the minit books.

  1. What is Energy?
  2. Types of Energy
  3. Law of Charges
  4. What is  Temperature?
  5. Circuits
  6. Celsius and Fahrenheit Thermometers
  7. Convex vs. Concave
  8. What is Conduction? Convection? Radiation?
  9. What is Static Electricity?
  10. Conductors and Insulators
  11. Sound
  12. The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  13. Wave Diagram


Here are some pictures from my son’s lapbook.  He took the pictures himself so they’re a little bit blurry.


Heat and Energy Lapbook
The cover.
Heat and Energy Lapbook
What is Energy?

Thermometer transparencies
The inside of the lapbook

Types of energy book

Types of energy showing the definition of themal energy

Inside the circuit book

The back of the folder showing the Electromagnetic Spectrum and a diagram of a wave.

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6 thoughts on “Heat and Energy Lapbook”

  1. This is just a FUN topic anyway! I taught a semester of electricity to 1-3rd graders at our co-op last fall and it was great. 🙂 Glad you had fun!

  2. Oh, I'm so excited about your lapbooking revelations! I am jumping up and down inside saying, "She's got it!" I'm so pleased when folks get the confidence to make their own lapbooks to match what they are already learning! Yes! Yes! Yes! That's how it should work.

    And personally I think this one is far superior to the ones made from kits. It looks more personal — reflects the character and creativity of your children.

  3. Forgot to say that this is a topic we will be covering this year too. So I plan to come back and review your list of minibook topics. Thanks!

  4. Great lapbook! Check my blog if you want to se ours. Lately I mostly do them as schooling for my preschooler. He loves them. We do a meme through Little Laplinks where each mom just provides a link or two of printable things online. It makes it quick and easy and inexpensive. We add games for review and make them intreactive if possible (like matching colors for color review, etc.) We also read books that go with that theme that month. It is esp. great for preschoolers (the mom must cut) but my son loves to use washable markers and glue and add stickers! It has made him really interested in doing school- because it is creative! I added you as a friend to my blog list.

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