Mar 102010
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My oldest son is very difficult to wake up in the morning. I’ve tried having him set an alarm clock to no avail. I am usually fairly busy in the mornings and it always irritates me to have to stop what I’m doing and go upstairs to wake him up yet again. Plus he is never happy when I wake him up.

I accidentally discovered the best way to get him to wake up and not wake up grumpy.

So now letting his beloved baby sister do it is definitely working for me.

I promise you that she is the only one he will smile at in the morning!

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  10 Responses to “How to Wake Up Your Pre-Teen Son”

  1. That's so funny! My son (though no longer a pre-teen) was the exact same way. 😀

  2. Awww – that is sweet.

    It doesn't work the other way around…my tween gets irritated if BIG sister tries to wake him up.

    I've actually resorted to a water bottle if needed. Mean mommy!

  3. No one but the littlest could get away with it. He is my oldest, but he would definitely be irritated if his other sister woke him up.

  4. We have a shofar that I blow sometimes if my son won't get up. I also poke him with an arrow (blunt tip) sometimes. Most kids would probably not get tickled about that one, though. He thinks it is hysterical.

  5. We put a doorbell in our son's room so I don't have to yell or walk up the stairs over and over. I just keep ringing the doorbell outside my bedroom! WFM!

  6. Love it [smile].


  7. How sweet!

    ~Bekah H.

  8. That's cute! Everybody loves the baby (almost 5) around here too. I just tell my kids, hurry, get up, you have to go pee. LOL

  9. We have the same problem with our almost 12 year old son. We've tried allowing his little 2 year old brother to go into his room and play with HIS Lego creations, too. He does get up, but he is still grumpy. We are trying out an earlier bedtime now.

  10. That is too funny (and a great idea). My little guy will be happy to wake up his 16 y/o brother in the morning. Saves me the yelling. 🙂

    Thanks for a great tip! 🙂

    Lisa C from the Crew

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