Weekly Wrap Up (4/3/10)

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We had a good week, but I seem to have caught a bit of spring fever and summer-itis. We managed to do our core subjects this week, but failed to do any Tapestry of Grace or Apologia science. (I mean none!)

I am taking next week off for a little break. During the time, I will be planning the rest of the school year. I want to finish strong instead of fizzling out. I also will be looking at next year’s curriculum choices. I probably shouldn’t and should focus more on finishing…what…we’ve…got., but planning new stuff makes me happy.

My husband had yesterday off so we went for a day trip.

Our first stop was Danville, VA and the Danville Science Center.

Here are my little paleontologists searching for dinosaur eggs.

This old train station was converted to house the natural history collection.

There was an old caboose to explore.

And climb.

We walked down to the Dan River. The city converted this old railroad bridge to a walking bridge.

From Danville, we headed to Fairy Stone State Park. We went on a hike in 88 degree weather. The hike was in the woods, but since the leaves aren’t out, it wasn’t shady.

We made it to this waterfall.

We thought we were close to half-way through at this point. (It was a loop trail) However, what we didn’t know that the hardest part of the hike was yet to come.

Here’s the gorgeous view after a long climb. And we still had over a mile and a half to go…

We arrived home very tired and unfortunately with no water. We actually discovered the leak right before we left, but elected to turn the water off and go anyway instead of sitting at home with no water waiting for a plumber. The plumber came bright and early this morning and fixed the problem quickly. You don’t realize just how much you take water for granted until it doesn’t work!

So how was your week? Visit Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to read more homeschooling weekly wrap-ups.

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  1. It sounds like a great week. What a lovely walk. We have Spring fever here too. Thank goodness were are almost done. I want to start day dreaming about next school year.



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