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Phew. I’ve been so busy lately with life, that I haven’t had time to blog about it. I guess that’s a good thing.

Last week, my husband turned 40!

This is the inside of the birthday card my older son (11) made for him.

I made him a carrot cake that was delicious, though a little smoky flavored because it overflowed the pan into the bottom of the oven. We got to go on a rare date Saturday which was much appreciated.

Yesterday was my younger son’s 8th birthday. This weekend, we had my parents visit. Before that, I had to clean the oven and bake him a lemon cake.

I am incapable of baking a cake that looks good.

He had a lovely family birthday party and is enjoying his gifts. Today we’re going to add the Sea Monkey eggs to his mini aquarium.

Today the weather is beautiful and I am making everyone play outside before we head to my daughter’s violin lessons. Next week is our Spring Break. I was considering not taking the week off, but I’ve decided I need the time to regroup and figure out what we’re going to study for the rest of this school year.

Does anyone else have spring fever? How are you managing with homeschooling?

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4 thoughts on “Update from Home”

  1. Ooohhh! We had so much fun with sea monkeys years ago. Yes, we have serious spring fever around here. We will be done with school on April 30th. I am just trying to push along and stick to Charlotte Mason's philosophy that everyone should be outdoors by early afternoon.

    Thanks so much for making me Featured Blogger.



  2. . . . next week – as we head to Cincinnati for the homeschool convention. My kids want to count it as school, though. 🙂

  3. I definitely can't bake a cake that looks good either! My sister usually pokes fun at the girls' birthday cakes every year. 😉

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