2010 Goals Revisited – 1st quarter update

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Like a good little girl, I posted my goals for the year on January 1st. Note, I did not call them resolutions. I meant to post about my progress on March 31, since that would be the end of the quarter and I’m compulsive I like symmetry. But for whatever reason I didn’t do it. Now I’m forcing my perfectionist self to go ahead and post about them on April 14. We’ll call it the first quarter update even though I’m late.

Here are my goals, followed by progress on each of them.


Complete the Read through the Bible in 90 Days that I started in the summer. I have 56 more days to go.
Umm. I have made very little progress on this. I changed the goal to finish before June 21.

Set aside a MORNING time for private prayer.
Wow this is humbling. Hasn’t happened and I still need to do it.


Get back to exercising 3 times per week MINIMUM. (This means at the Y)
I’m on a pitiful roll. I’ve definitely done better with exercising since Christmas, but I don’t know that I’ve made it 3 days in any single week. However, I expect this week to be the one. I’ve already worked out 2 days.

Drink water!
Awful, awful, awful!


Reorganize the basement/playroom.
This is mostly done, but not quite so it doesn’t look good.

Declutter one room per month.
Huh? I don’t even remember setting that goal. Sigh.


Spend less on groceries by couponing and stockpiling more.
Hmm. No data. I guess I should have made these goals more measurable.

Try out Goodwill shopping.
Woohoo! Finally one I’ve done. I found some great clothes for myself at Goodwill. I even took the pictures for the blog post. I must post those soon!


Implement a less flexible daily schedule.
Started off good. Then struggled. Starting school back tomorrow after spring break and testing.

Complete TOG Year 2. (By next February)
I’m revising this goal. My new goal is to complete TOG Year 2 Unit 2 this school year. (Or keep going until we’re done.)


I am going to participate in the Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge.
Finally something that’s going well! I have read on average 1 book per week.

I plan to read at least 6 Classic novels this year.
Another good report. I’ve completed Sense and Sensibility and I’m over 1/3 of the way through Anna Karenina.


Post at least 6 times per week.
This is my 78th post. We are almost 15 weeks into the year. My post average is 5.2 per week. Not too bad.

Move my blog to self-hosted WordPress.
I think I’ll be changing this goal. I’d better stay at HSB now that I’m the Senior Editor 🙂 My new goal is to give this blog a facelift. I need to make some pages with my review categorized. I think I can figure out how to make a menu bar at the top. We’ll see.

So how are you doing on your 2010 Goals?

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5 thoughts on “2010 Goals Revisited – 1st quarter update”

  1. Sounds like you are on your way! I am glad you will be staying with homeschoolblogger. We do pretty well at goodwill too.



  2. You don't like water? Man, I drink it like a fish! Love, love, love it! Try it with a squeeze of lemon juice, not only tasty but very good for flushing the liver! :0)

    My goals? To not make goals. LOL

    seriously-here goes

    lose weight-yeah right

    start a co-op-almost there

    start a speaker series with my friend to expound all the info we have crammed in our heads-again, almost there

    laugh more than usual-not a problem

    get out more (like to parks/places of interests/Starbucks) doing good with the SB and now with warmer weather-the others will follow

    do more date nites with my man-check and check

    visit my pals blogs more often-doing it now! :0)

    make up more Totie stories to dazzle and amaze my pals-getting there

    Guess that is enough for now-that is a good ??

    remember to not be too hard on yourself-

    some things on your list may not be what God wants you to be focused on-let him lead and you'll do fine.


    FM Sheri

  3. Hi,

    Yes, we used songschool latin this year and love it. The kids love to listen to the songs and look forward to latin days. We even take the cd in the car for "fun"! My goal for latin was that the kids would build latin vocabulary which would help them with other languages later on down the road. I do think this program works well in that way. The kids are retaining the info and we plan on using it more next year. Who are we kidding! They listen to it in their free time. It is not going to be packed up or anything.



  4. Oh my! You're keeping up with some of the important ones, and that's good! Here's to success with the others!

    I've been remembering my goals, but actually only keeping up with a few. LOL

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Annie Kate

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