2013 is Almost Gone

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It’s hard to say it without sounding cliche, but time really does fly. Even more so the older that I get.

As I reflect upon another year, I hope that I have grown. I know that I have, but it’s sometimes hard to see in the midst of the day to day trials. I still worry. I still lose my temper. I still complain. But I have a hope. I know that God is not finished with me. I know that Christ is my righteousness. Thankfully, I don’t have to rely on my own!

I looked back over my blog posts for the last year, and I chose 1 per month to share. I did not include any reviews, so there were some months that I left out.


The word of the year is Joy.

Hmm. I may need a do-over.

It was tough, but it was good.

I might see a theme developing.


B is for Books and C is for Capital.

We had a nice, but freezing trip to DC for spring break. Ironically as I write this on the first day of winter, my children are outside playing in short sleeves.

Pinterest Fireplace Makeover

This is perhaps my favorite post of the year. Not because of the post itself, but I am so happy to see my improved fireplace everyday.

Here are my plans for my middle son’s 5th grade year.

We’re not exactly meeting our goals. Not even close. Sigh.


Here are our 10th grade plans.

Those are going a bit better.

Here’s my Defense of Busyness.

I’m not sure what my excuse is now that cross country is over.

If you’re feeling Blah, you can check out my Blah Blog Busting Post Ideas.

I have unfortunately not implemented these as much as I’d like.

Finally, there’s a little tutorial for December – Making Catalog Christmas Trees.


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