Trusting God for Our Needs

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I had the post all written in my mind. I was going to write about how wonderful children’s consignment sales are. I’ve written about them before, and they have been a key part of our living on one income.

But as the kids grow, the selection at these sales gets thinner. Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly. And everyone has too many baby clothes. So they’re in large supply. There are always plenty of toddler clothes too. But by the time you get to size 10 or so, the selection gets pretty slim.

But there’s a new sale I found. It specializes in big kids clothes. There is no baby stuff. The smallest size is size 6. I had my post all written in my mind about how God provided a big kids’ consignment sale when I needed one. It was going to be a great post.

Unfortunately, the sale wasn’t very good. I only found 1 item for my 13 year old son. So there went that post. More importantly, I’m left wondering how I’m going to make room in the budget for winter clothes for him. (He’s 13 and growing fast. There is nothing that fits from last year.)

But I know my God. He has promised to supply all our needs. And even if I have to buy new clothes for him, God will supply them. There may be other “needs” that are “wants” after all.

I used to scoff at people who told me how much more expensive older kids were. I thought they didn’t know how to shop as well as I did or save money on food. It turns out that the older I get, the less I know. Or more accurately, I realize how little I know and how little I can actually control.

I need to stop trying to figure out how God is going to work things out. His ways are always much better than what I come up with!

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4 thoughts on “Trusting God for Our Needs”

  1. LOL…Ok, I can SO understand what you are saying! Different areas but same concept 🙂 There is NO figuring God out! lol Just stopped by to say hello!

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  3. When I lived in Texas I had a friend who would give my son the clothes her larger boys had outgrown. We moved to Virginia, my son started growing like a weed and I have spent more on his clothes in the last year than I have all the years previous to that! And he is so difficult to fit because he is so tall and thin. Always has been. Perhaps a clothing exchange through church????

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