My Little One is 4

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The day has come and gone. It was the most anticipated event in our household for months (at least by one certain person.)

Our youngest celebrated her 4th birthday.

Her birthday was on Thursday, but we had a full schedule that afternoon that started with Kids4Truth at church, which she loves, and where she was excited to stand in front while everyone sang to her. Following that we had my son’s last cross country meet with a pizza picnic and awards afterwards. A part of me felt terrible that her special day wasn’t all about her, but she didn’t seem to mind a bit. And honestly, while I want to make birthdays special occasions, I don’t want to encourage a unrealistic expectations.

We had a family birthday party on Saturday. My parents and my husband’s parents came for the big event.

And I was worried we didn’t have enough presents for her!

She loves books (of course!)

A lot of the enjoyment is in finally getting to see what is in the bag!

Here is her cake which was extremely yummy. Quite obviously this picture isn’t staged. The table is always a mess after our pizza dinner! Plus you get to see me holding her hair back. Candles and long hair can be a dangerous combination. Ask me how I know 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My Little One is 4”

    1. My freshman year of college I was away from home for my birthday for the first time. My parents ordered a birthday cake to be delivered to me. When I was blowing out the candles, I leaned over my desk (the only place to put a cake in a dorm room!) and caught my hair on fire! Burning hair smells awful!!!

      1. Oh my goodness Kristen, I’m glad you were ok. What a bummer to have that happen your first year away from home. How sweet though of your parents to have a cake delivered to you. 🙂


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