Bringing Up Bobby – Movie Review

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I was recently offered the opportunity to review new Christian films. Not being one who likes to turn down review opportunities, I agreed. Then I started to wonder if I was the best person to ask. You see the problem is I haven’t seen many “Christian” films that I like. I have found that most have less than stellar actors and the plots tend to be, well, a bit forced. For me to enjoy a Christian film, the Christian message has to be seamlessly interwoven into the plot. If it seems tacked on, then it’s not something I’ll recommend.

So in one sense, maybe I am a good person to ask about Christian films. I’m not easy to please so you’ll know my recommendations are sincere. I also am supportive of the idea of making Christian films. I think that with more support, the necessary financing necessary for making good films will be easier to obtain, leading to better films. But I’m still not willing to pay for substandard entertainment. I’d rather watch nothing than suffer through a poor movie.

Now after that lengthy introduction, I’ll actually get to my review!

bringing up bobby

Bringing Up Bobby
is described as “a different kind of comedy about being kind of different.” Bobby is a teenage boy who is being raised by his older brother, James. Their parents were killed in an accident when Bobby was young, so he doesn’t remember them. They also have a sister and a brother that do not live with them.

The film’s plot involves Bobby’s upcoming 16th birthday, the new girl in school whom he has developed a crush on, and the much delayed reading of his parents’ will. The very materialistic older sister and the out-of-touch with reality older brother come into town to hear the reading of the will. Bobby’s brother James is a Christian and recognizes that though Bobby has said he believes what James believes, he hasn’t really trusted Christ for himself.

What did I think?

The acting wasn’t bad. The plot was not predictable. Though billed as a comedy, I thought that some of the movie’s best moments were its more dramatic ones. Most of the “funny” parts I didn’t find to be particularly funny. The out-of-town siblings were both one-dimensional and predictable. However, I think that was intentional.

I liked the message that you aren’t automatically a Christian just because your family is. But the gospel message often felt both tacked on and weak. The preachy part of the movie was part of the plot, but I still found it forced. I am not sure if this movie would appeal to Christian teens. I don’t think it would appeal to any of the Christian teens that I know, but they are either so far removed from the typical teenage culture that they wouldn’t find it funny or are such a part of the culture that they would think it was silly. But I don’t typically like teen movies Christian or not, so I may not be the best judge for this one.

You can watch the trailer here. I think the trailer provides a good representation of the humor in the movie. If you enjoy the trailer, you are likely to enjoy the movie. Over all I would rate this movie as average. I have definitely seen movies that are a lot worse, but I’ve seen much better too.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing Up Bobby – Movie Review”

  1. Ok, being a reviewer of Christian movies, now that would be fun to me. 🙂

    I have seen the advertisements for this movie, and it does seem interesting. I’ve been wanting to see it, so we probably will. My boys (hubby & son alike) like the silly, goofy comedy’s. That’s what the preview looked like to me. Thanks for the honest review.


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