The Great Cleanout Continues

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Tomorrow is my garage sale. I can’t believe I actually managed to sort through almost everything I planned to and collect things to sell. I have almost finished with assigning prices to everything. Now hopefully people will show up and buy things!

Since I was in decluttering mode, I took a look at my stack of homeschool “records”. I put records in quotes because these are not required records, but instead, every workbook that my children have completed, filed according to the year it was completed. I knew that I didn’t need to keep all those so I opened the boxes to start purging them.

But then I couldn’t. I think I was partly depressed by seeing how much more we used to get accomplished. I also unintentionally compared my older 2 children’s K, 1st and 2nd grade accomplishments to my 3rd child’s. There really wasn’t much to compare. I was reminded that we used to do great lapbooks. Oops. We haven’t done any for a while. I closed the boxes up and went and asked for encouragement from some Homeschool Crew Friends.

My friends reminded me what I already knew, that I didn’t need to keep all that stuff. A few suggested that I save some pages from each workbook as a record. So, that’s what I did. And here’s what I’ve got to dispose of!

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6 thoughts on “The Great Cleanout Continues”

  1. Great job for getting that that big chore done! I am sure you feel very relieved! Now when will you come help me purge? Hahaha just kiddin’

  2. Good for you, Kristen! My decluttering took place when our basement flooded- that was absolutely heartbreaking because then I was forced to get rid of everything.Keep up the great work! You’ll feel so much better for it!:)

  3. I remember the day I first threw out the kids school work (keeping just a few pages like you did). It was a hard time, but so glad I did it. Now, each year it gets easier. I make a portfolio for the kids each year. Don’t need to for our state, I just like to, so I have a record for the kids when they get older. I take a beginning of the year photo and a ‘graduation’ photo and make that the beginning of the folder. Then I put all their best work in there, a little bit all throughout the year. It makes the throwing away of their work, at the end of the year, much easier.

    Hope you have a great garage sale today. 🙂


  4. Christian Homeschooler

    Whew! Good for you. I recently discovered that if I scan each “keepable” paperwork each month as we finish, then I can throw away the majority of our papers and create little digital files of our work and save it to CD. Saves LOADS of space.

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