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What do you use to teach math? What is the difference between this math and that math? How do you decide which math curriculum to choose? These are all questions that homeschoolers have to ask at some point. Though many find a math curriculum and stick with it throughout all their years of homeschooling, others struggle with finding a math program that “fits” their child.

I was preparing to put together a post on various math curricula that are used by homeschoolers. I was planning to include some information about each program and group the programs according to whether they were mastery or spiral. I say I was preparing because I found on-line what I was planning on doing, but with even more.

The Homeschool Math Curriculum Guide at has a wonderfully thorough explanation of all the major (and some not so major) math programs. It divides math curricula into those for elementary, middle school, and high school. There is a chart that includes math programs published by complete curriculum providers, e.g. Abeka, BJU, and Alpha Omega. Also included are reviews submitted by users of the various math curricula. A useful component of each review is HOW LONG the reviewer has used the math program.If you are confused about what math curricula to use, this is the best place to start looking!


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  1. I'm a Math U See mom, but always looking for "living math" resources. I'll have to check out that website, thanks for posting the link.


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