Books, books, everywhere

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It’s summertime and we aren’t doing much in the way of schooling. So how do we satisfy our kids’ thirst for knowledge? The short answer is books. We have a home that is filled with books.

Our library basket isn’t quite as full as usual.

But the kids’ bookshelves have plenty.

This is the foot of my oldest son’s bed. (He’s still in it! He was a little irritated with my picture taking.)

Not to mention the crate I put on the floor to hold the overflow.

Looks like some of younger son’s books have made it into the pile. I have NO idea where he could have learned this behavior from!!!

No, that couldn’t be MY nightstand!

And this is NOT my husband’s. (I am especially ashamed of posting these after posting beautiful pictures of NEAT nightstands about a month ago.)

How do you teach kids to love reading? You read to them from the beginning, and you show them by example that READING IS FUN!

Happy Reading!


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9 thoughts on “Books, books, everywhere”

  1. Joy @ FIve J's

    Unfortunately my son is not a big reader, but if you look next to my 10yo daughter's bed, there will ALWAYS be a big stack of books. She loves to read when she goes to bed, sometimes reading two or three books a night.

    My youngest, age 6, likes to mimic big sis and takes books to bed too. Unfortunately, she usually ends up sleeping WITH the books instead of putting them on the floor. Not terribly good for the books, but it's so cute!

  2. I've been just a wee bit upset when the books from the foot of my son's bunk bed come crashing to the floor.

  3. agirland4guys

    I have had to threaten my 8 year old if I find books under his pillow again he is going to be grounded. He loves to read and sometimes reads when he should be asleep. So he sticks his books under his pillow. Which is not good when he reads hardcovers. He was waking up in the mornings complaining of headaches. Hmmm… I wonder why?????


    I have to laugh here, because I think you were at my house snapping photos. LOL!

  5. I thought you were supposed to decorate your household with bookcases and books? And baskets containing books. And milk crates containing books. And nightstands overflowing with books. At least that is how we decorate around here!

  6. Excellent! Books are not clutter by the way. Toys, papers, dust bunnies,….are clutter but not books.



  7. We have a library basket too! It really helps us keep track of them:)

    My night stand looks exactly like your's and it drives my dh mad…LOL:)

    But hey…I love to read:)

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