What We’ve Been Up To

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I just discovered that I never actually posted this. Here I was thinking I had posted it 3 days ago. We still have this snow on the ground and we’re expecting sleet, freezing rain and maybe more snow tonight and tomorrow. I don’t know what is up with the weather, but this sure isn’t the North Carolina weather I’m used to. And my electric bill is also telling me the same thing!

It snowed! (Two big snows in one winter is an uncommon occurrence for us!)

She lasted about 10 minutes. It literally took longer to get her ready than she stayed outside.

Lots of sledding!

We had time today (Monday) for a little project. We took apart the crib!

And put together this new desk.

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2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Up To”

  1. The desk looks like a great spot for someone to study in. 🙂

    I only wish we had had such a good snow this winter, though. My son who hates to be cold and wraps himself up in quilts if it is 65 degrees in the house happens to just love snow. Go figure! We haven't had enough snow this winter to even stick to the ground.

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