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I am typing this blog entry from my very own laptop! My very sweet, thoughtful, generous, funny,and handsome husband (just in case he reads this) gave me a laptop for our 16th wedding anniversary! I am still amazed.

Right now my laptop and I are in the honeymoon phase. (Don’t you think that is a fitting analogy for an anniversary gift?) I’ve been trying out all the new places in my house where I can now search the internet, read e-mail, and build my farm on Facebook.  So far, the living room couch is quite nice, as well as the kitchen table if I’m seriously typing. Right now I have the laptop on the kitchen counter and I am standing. This may not be a keeper. My favorite new place though is sitting on my bed. For some reason it feels luxurious to me. (Or maybe just the ultimate in laziness.)

However, my husband did not get me this laptop so that I could experience the ultimate in laziness. He hopes that I can be more "productive" in my various writing endeavors. No pressure or anything. I do see that it will be helpful in keeping me from hearing the siren call of the desktop computer in the basement. I have all too frequently gone down for "just a quick second" and succumbed to its lure. On the other hand, maybe buying me a laptop is like an alcoholic getting a job at a liquor store.

Seriously though, I hope that having a conveniently located computer will aid me in policing my children while they do their school work. Did I say policing? I meant gently guiding them as they came to difficult problems in their assignments. No, I really meant policing. It seems that I can’t turn my back on my oldest son before he turns around and starts bothering my daughter in some way. This way I can use the time they’re working independently to plan, blog, or harvest crops on Farm Town, while still ensuring that they’re actually working.  We’ll see if it helps.

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4 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. I look forward to having my very own laptop. But in the meantime, I'm here sitting in bed confiscating Jon's laptop. And it definitely is luxury, not laziness! ;o)

  2. Oh welcome to laptopdome. I got mine this year as a tax refund present because I was having so much trouble getting work done on our isolated desktop. I still love it! And although I used to have a problem spending too much time online, I'm not finding that to be the case anymore. Since I'm not so isolated, I'm more likely to notice something needing to be done and getting back to it. I'm sure you'll find the right groove.

    Enjoy! Jennifer

  3. Happy Anniversary! And may your laptop be an excellent tool to aid in your policing and productivity [smile].


  4. It's day 6 with my new laptop (though it's kind of just day 3 because of the long weekend.) I officially don't know how I survived without it!

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