New York City Lapbook

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Our last book club meeting of the year was yesterday. The assignment for this month was to pick any place you would like to visit and share information with the group. My daughter chose New York as her place and decided that she would like to make a lapbook and share it with the group. We have unfortunately not done much lapbooking this year, so I was happy when she chose to make one. I found this topic a very easy one to put into mini-books.

My daughter designed this New York City lapbook completely on her own, so you’ll see there’s not a wide variety in types of mini-books. But, as I usual, I needed to remind myself about the PURPOSE of lapbooking. The purpose is not in seeing how many neat books you can put in a folder, but is to summarize information that you have learned about a particular topic in a way that makes it interesting both to make and look at again in the future.  Or at least that’s why I want my children to make a lapbook. I did find pictures for her mini-books on-line and helped to guide her to some of the topics of the mini-books.

New York City Lapbook

The cover

New York City Lapbook


New York City Lapbook

Empire State Building Book

New York City Lapbook

The Statue of Liberty Book

Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum

The Chrysler Building

The subway

September 11

Inside flap open

New York Population Fact Book

Maps of New York – Inside this book are maps of each of the boroughs.

I was proud of the independent work that she put into this lapbook. There were several other books that she planned to make but ran out of time. We will be working harder this coming school year on not procrastinating but doing more daily work on projects.

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7 thoughts on “New York City Lapbook”

  1. ReviewsbyHeidi

    Looks great! She did a great job and should feel a real sense of accomplishment, having done that on her own.


  2. My sister is taking my 8yo dd for her first trip to NYC this fall. We will definitely have to do a NYC lapbook before the trip.


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