Late Birthday Present

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Last night after dinner, my sweet husband surprised me with a late birthday present.  He got me a new camera!  Here it is on !  It was one of those things that I wanted, but maybe not really needed. The on/off switch fell off my old camera this summer. I went for a while digging the tiny switch out of the case and placing it in position and keeping my thumb on it so I wouldn’t lose it.  Of course, the problem was that if I lost it the camera would be worthless.  So then, at the suggestion of the camera shop, I put a tiny bit of super glue on it and glued it back on.  I did it in the "on" position which is a good thing, because it stuck.  So now for the last couple of months my camera wouldn’t turn off.  Whenever I used it, I had to take the batteries in and out to turn the camera on and off.  That was really a pain.  But the bigger pain was that since I wasn’t turning the camera off, the lens didn’t retract, so I was stuck with the lens out trying to stuff it into the case.  Not a pleasant task.

So, there’s my justification for why I "needed" a new camera.  But my sweet husband went above my need and got me something I wanted.  My new camera has a 10x optical lens!!!  I am so excited.  I love taking nature pictures and this will be so helpful.  I am really excited about trying it out!  Look out, I may be posting more pictures again. 

The other thing that was so neat was that my husband went to a lot of trouble to surprise me.  He ordered the camera a little too late to get here for my birthday, but that really added to the surprise since my birthday was past and I didn’t get a camera.  He got a different amazon account and he had it sent to his parent’s house.  I was totally surprised and blessed that we he to such trouble to get me a nice gift!

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