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Well, I didn’t plan as much as I had envisioned at the beginning of the summer off.  We have now completed 2 days of school.  So far everything is going reasonably well.  I am using some house rules that someone shared on a e-mail list that I am on for our morning copywork.  I got the kids a bound copywork notebook this year.  They seemed excited about the possibility of decorating them so that was good.  There was whining from oldest son D yesterday about the length of the assignment. (One short sentence and one medium length Bible verse.) I really don’t know what to do about the complaining!  It really gets under my skin and then I start to complain about it.  Hmmm………… Maybe I’ve hit on a big part of the problem here 😉

Oldest daughter A loves anything school related.  She started working on math last week because she wanted to.  My biggest concern with her is her spelling.  I’m a natural speller and so is dh and D so I’m somewhat lost.  We’ve been using Spelling Power and I plan on continuing for a while, but I need to do more study on the practice portion of the program.  There’s a lot more to it then I think I’ve taken advantage of.  She placed barely into Level C which is actually fine for her age (7-1/2) but her mistakes are very interesting.  almots instead of almost, mouth instead of month, steet instead of street.

Next son W was excited about starting kindergarten.  I’m still not sure that he understands that he’s not GOING to school.  I don’t know why he thought he was going since he’s seen his older brother and sister "do school" for years, but it really seems like he thought he was going somewhere.  He is very hard to get to focus on anything for more than a minute.  I can’t imagine what the ps would do with him!

Thankfully baby E has learned that the playpen is not an evil thing and played happily in it for about 20 minutes this morning and 20 minutes this afternoon.  That is a huge help so that I can get school started and get lunch cleaned up. 

We started our Botany book today.  The kids had a lot of fun classifying all of our shoes!

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