Two Weeks Complete

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We have completed our first 2 weeks of school!  So far it’s really going fairly well.  We are trying something a little new this year:  Fun Fridays!  The plan is to do most of our hands on projects on Fridays and do a minimum of seat work.  I still have them do math, but I try to make sure it’s a fairly short assignement.  Another thing we’re trying is making up questions from Bible, History, Geography, Science, and Latin/Greek every Friday to use in a game.  We need a few more questions before we can play.


Last Friday we built a light hut for botany and planted some seeds.


My problem is staying on top of things and making sure that I know what projects we’re going to do on Friday.

Youngest son is making some progress in the reading area.  He is paying attention and has learned a few simple words.  I’m not sure if he’s sounding them out or if he’s just memorized them, but we’re pressing on anyway.  He is able to pay some attention.

Right now I’d say that my older 2 children’s favorite subject is botany.  I’m hoping to interest them more in history when we start our Civil War unit.  I’m still struggling with planning it out though.  I hope it comes together for me soon.

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2 thoughts on “Two Weeks Complete”

  1. Science is always a hit here, though there favorite is history. I think that is because we do the activities w/it from SOTW. I love the idea of fun fridays! We have co-op on fridays though and can't really take another day just for fun 😉 . Maybe next semester ?? I think that would make me less stressed to have that day planned for only fun & give the kids incentive during the week!.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm trying to do the Fun Friday thing too. For math and LA on Friday we try to use games. And then we try to do either a history or science project or maybe a lapbook. Plus every other Friday we have a co-op. There are so many options when you homeschool!

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