Memorize Galatians Review

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I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of memorizing large passages of scripture.

But I’ve never been able to do it.

Honestly, I haven’t tried very hard. We have memorized a few chapters of the Bible as a family – Isaiah 53, Luke 2, Psalms 1 and 23 for example, but I haven’t been consistent in personally memorizing.

This year I had made it one of my goals to memorize scripture, so when I was offered a chance to review one of the Bible Memorization Made Easy e-books from Brookdale House, it seemed almost providential.

Disclosure: I was given a free copy of Memorize Galatians in order to write this review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Memorize GalatiansI selected the Memorize Galatians book with the initial plan of memorizing along with my family. After I received the e-book, I realized that the format wasn’t going to work for the whole family because it would be too much writing for my younger children. In the end, my almost 14 year old daughter Anna and I are the ones trying out this method. (For now anyway.)

The plan is very straightforward. There are 34 weekly lessons divided into 5 daily lessons per week. Each week covers a manageable portion of Galatians, about 5 verses ┬ádepending on the length of the verse. The plan is multi-sensory and has the student read the passage aloud. There is daily copy work of the passage and most days there is a fill in the blank version of the passage. Each day there are different and more words left out. Each week there is a reminder to review the previous weeks’ passages.

OK, confession time. I have started this study, but I have not made it very far into it. I have to say that so far it is easy. It doesn’t take long at all, I just need to be uninterrupted. That unfortunately doesn’t happen very often. Anna is farther along than I am and is enjoying the program. She has mentioned that it seems like almost too much on the weekly passage and that she could memorize it faster. But I think that working on the passage longer will aid in long-term retention. I should mention that she is a very good memorizer. (Much better than I am.) I haven’t found that it is too much on the single passage at all. I think it is about right. Memorize GalatiansAnna also thought there should be a bit more review of past passages than is included. That is easy enough to add though.

Some things to note –

This program utilizes the King James Version of the Bible. Personally, we chose to do all our memory work from KJV anyway because it made sense to us to memorize in a single version and KJV is the “classic” version. It has definitely stood the test of time.

This product is available either in print or e-book. The print costs a bit more, but this is an e-book that MUST be printed, so you should factor that in to your cost. And speaking of printing, you need to print out multiple weeks at a time. Don’t print a single day at a time or you’ll end up ready to work on it and then realize that you need to print and then by the time you print it, that quiet time to work on it has vanished. Ask me how I know this!

I definitely recommend the Bible Memorization Made Easy series. It’s a great way both to study the Bible and to add copy work, memory work, and recitation into your school day.


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