What’s for Dinner?

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I don’t know if this is true in every house, but I get asked at least 5 times a day, “What’s for dinner?” (Actually around here, we usually say supper…)

I get really tired of answering that question. That’s because

I often don’t know,

People grumble when they hear the answer, and

I don’t like unnecessary interruptions.

I found a neat idea on Pinterest, that will take take of some of the “What’s for dinner?” problem.

Isn’t it cute?

I happened to have a very similar frame that I had purchased for a different purpose. So all I needed was scrapbooking paper. (If you’re a scrapbooker, you could use scraps, but I am not.)

I waited for a sale on paper at Michael’s and bought 3 sheets of 12×12 paper for $0.20 each. Obviously, I decided not to use 7 different patterns. I actually decided on 1 pattern and have an extra sheet of paper that I did not use that I will probably give to my daughter who does scrapbook. The openings on my frame are each 4X6 inches, so I cut 6 pieces out of 1 sheet with no waste.

I am not crazy about the lettering on the original project, so I decided to write with black marker on my paper. But the names of the days aren’t nearly as visible as I had hoped, so I might redo it.

P1110063I also decided to make mine horizontal because I think that will be easier to write on and it fit the space better.

I’m hoping that having my menu board up will help me as I start to plan monthly menus again. This is a habit that I let slide a year or more ago, and we have really noticed an increase in our food spending. I have been making more frequent trips to the store and while I’m there I go ahead and pick up x, y, and z. Hopefully being more disciplined to plan menus and grocery shop less frequently will help us to cut our food spending back again.


Pinterest Menu CollageThis is my 2nd completed Pinterest project. (Not including recipes.) Have you seen my fireplace makeover? Do you use Pinterest? Be sure to follow me!

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