Jul 112013
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Declutter-001My friend Crazy Mom at Ramblings from the Crazy House is having a 40 days to declutter challenge. I’ve decided to join in. Since I decided several days ago, I’m going to count the decluttering I’ve already done. Here is my list of 40 things make that 31 32 things to clean out with those already done, marked off.

1. Glasses/cups cabinet

2. Food cabinets

3. Spice, over the stove, and over the refrigerator cabinets. 7/12

4. Baking dishes, mixing bowls, and small appliance cabinets.

5. Laundry area shelves, and washer/dryer drawers

6. Master bedroom closet shelves

7. Master bedroom closet floor 7/16

8. Master bedroom hanging clothes

9. Main dresser drawers

10. Lingerie chest drawers

11. Nightstands

12. Master bath cabinets and drawers

13. Half bath cabinet

14. Medicine cabinet

15. Living room shelves, magazine basket, and entertainment center. 7/17

16. Girls’ room closets

17. Lizzie’s dresser

18. Under eaves storage

19. Boys’ room closet

20. William’s dresser  7/18

21. Andrew’s dresser 7/15

22. Downstairs homeschool bookcases.

23. Downstairs short bookcases. 7/17

24. Other downstairs bookcase. 7/13

25. Computer desk and plastic files. 7/20

26. Game cabinet  7/23

27. Downstairs table. 7/13

28. Garage shelves.

29. Garage under stairs.

30. Garage around ping pong table.

31. Front porch (it’s not cluttered, but I need to sweep it.) 7/23

32. Kids’ bathroom decluttered and deep cleaned. 7/12 Added because I can 🙂




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  2 Responses to “Declutter challenge”

  1. Looks like a good list. Glad you already have some of them done. 🙂

  2. […] week I got a lot done on my Decluttering Challenge. That was partly because my big kids were at camp. I don’t know why, but I seemed to have […]

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