Homeschool Book Club Plans

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We met yesterday to plan our monthly book club meetings for this school year. There are certain topics that the kids love so we repeat those year after year. But we did come up with a few new ideas. I’m looking forward to another great year of book club!

Book club plans


Oct. – Favorite book read this summer (or later) presentation will consist of oral book report and optional additional item(s) that you decide on. (A drawing for example)

Nov. – Choose a Historical event. Read a fiction or non-fiction book that contains the event. Child will report on the historical event, the book he/she read, and include relevant visual aids.

Dec. – Each child or family will choose a country and research Christmas traditions in that country. Presentation will be on the traditions and can include: maps, decorations, food, etc.

Jan. – Each child will read a mystery book. The presentation will include a decorated brown paper grocery bag to represent the book. The bag will contain items that are representative of the story. The child will remove items one at a time from the bag and explain its significance. Other children will make guess about the mystery? (I?m not sure about the last part.)

Feb. – Each child will choose a president to read a book, or portions of several books, about and write a report. The child will also make and present a book about the president of choice. The book can include pages with pictures, a timeline of the president?s life, maps, etc.

Mar. – Each child will write and illustrate an original poem. In addition to presenting their own poem, he/she should also memorize a published poem to recite to the group.

Apr. – Read a “How-to” book and present a project that was made after reading the instructions in the book.

May – Choose a book that has been made into a movie. After reading the book, watch the movie. The presentation should include a comparison of the book and movie.

Here’s a link to last year’s topics. You can see that our repeated topics are Poetry and How-to books. (We’re also repeating the paper bag mystery project, because we had to cancel that club meeting due to sickness last year.)

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7 thoughts on “Homeschool Book Club Plans”

  1. This sounds interesting. We have never done a bookclub. This fall we have a conflict so we can’t attend the hs bookclub, but some of the children are asking to join in November. It will take time away from schooling, though, and we seem to constantly be taking time from schooling….

    Annie Kate

  2. Great ideas for a year’s worth of book clubs. Here are a few others: read about a favorite sports hero and either play that sport with the group or create a board game relating to that sport; and read a book and think about the food the characters eat. Then create related snacks to share with the group. To find more creative ideas about family book clubs, read “The Parent-Child Book Club: Connecting With Your Kids Through Reading.” This book is a comprehensive resource presenting easy-to-follow, practical ideas for organizing and conducting a parent-child book club for children ages 4-9.

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