Monthly Menu Planning

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For the last year I have been planning my menus a month at a time. For me this has several advantages over weekly meal planning.

  1. I really don’t like menu planning, so I had a tendency to skip a week without planning. With monthly planning I don’t have to plan as often.
  2. It doesn’t take 4 times as long to plan for the month as it does for a week, so it saves time.
  3. I take one major monthly grocery shopping trip per month to buy everything needed for the menus (with the exception of fresh vegetables and fruits.)
  4. Weekly shopping is reduced to milk, eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with sale items.
  5. Monthly planning has reduced my last minute eating out or picking up from the drive through stops to almost never!


Monthly menu planning works for me!

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4 thoughts on “Monthly Menu Planning”

  1. I'm going to have to try this. Weekly planning helps, but I don't always have the time every week to get it done. But if I could set aside time to plan the whole month, and do one big shopping trip, things would probably be easier.


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