First Grade is “done” – Second Grade Plans

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We are wrapping up 1st grade for 6 year old Lizzie. It’s been a good year and she has learned a lot. Most of it was very relaxed learning.


I’ve often remarked to my husband that it’s a good thing that God did not give me Lizzie first. If He had, I might be one of those people who gush about how wonderful homeschooling is and how easy it is. But I know that isn’t always so. Boy, do I ever.

But with Lizzie being fourth in line with a couple of very needy kids ahead of her, (Needy in very different ways and for different reasons) it’s a good thing that she is very quick at learning and works well independently. (Mostly) She also is an independent reader which makes a huge difference in the demand for one-on-one instruction.

Here’s the curriculum she used this year.

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184964: Singapore Math: Primary Math Workbook 1A US Edition

Singapore Math: Primary Math Workbook 1A US Edition By Inc

Miquon Red (almost done with this)

These are my favorite elementary math curricula. My oldest 2 children used this combination with great success. It didn’t work well for middle son because it was way too abstract for him.


380176: StoryTime Treasures Student GuideStoryTime Treasures Student Guide
By Memoria Press


380183: More StoryTime Treasures Student Guide

More StoryTime Treasures Student Guide, By Memoria Press (not quite finished)

This is the first time I have used these books from Memoria Press. I have to say, I love these! I love them even more than I thought I would. I was afraid they would be too work bookish (they are work books after all!), but I found them to have a wide variety of lessons based on classic children’s literature. They teach vocabulary, drawing inferences, basic grammar, elementary literature concepts, and more. I really, really liked them.


146262: Explode the Code, Book 3

Explode the Code, Book 3By Educators Publishing Service

This was a little too easy for her, but she likes workbooks sometimes so this was something that she could work on when she was in a big school mood. Plus, since she learned to read very easily, her phonics skills are a bit weak.


636135: New American Cursive, Book 1

New American Cursive, Book 1By Iris Hatfield / Memoria Press

I was sold on this in the Memoria Press catalog. I really like the idea of teaching cursive early. It made sense. It didn’t go super well though. This was one that needed a little more one-on-one time.

And that’s it for formal schooling.

No history? No science?

Well, no. Not formally.

I bought a sweet little history book for her,
79900: History For Little PilgrimsHistory For Little PilgrimsBy Christian Liberty Press

We just didn’t get much of it read. But she lives in a house with maps and globes, we bird watch (and all the other animals in the yard), she plays outside, and we hike. Last summer we traveled across the country visiting state capitals along the way. She finds the shapes of states in her chips and crackers. I think she’ll be ok.

What’s on deck for next year?

Mainly more of the same.

We’ll be using the next levels of Singapore and Miquon Math. I’m purchasing the literature guides for 2nd grade from Memoria Press. I am also going to be starting her in Prima Latina. Handwriting I’m still undecided about. I think I want to continue with the New American Cursive. I may add in a print book from Handwriting Without Tears as well.

I am hoping to go actually do some history and science with her next year. She’ll just tag along with whatever I use for her older brother…when I decide on that. And if I figure out how to work it into my day.


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4 thoughts on “First Grade is “done” – Second Grade Plans”

  1. I found my way to your blog from a Blog Carnival. Our first daughter was the easy one and then each child after that has been more ‘needy’ or requiring more time. So my experience has been in reverse to yours. But I still wouldn’t go any other route but homeschooling, even with the challenges here and there. 🙂
    I’ve used Explode the Code with each of our kids. It’ great!
    Have you heard of It includes hands on projects. We’re considering it for the new school year.

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