Oct 142012
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Six years ago this morning I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Nine months earlier, I found out I was pregnant from the surgeon who had removed my gall bladder the week before. He was very concerned (near panicked) when he called me to tell me the news. The day before, at my post-op visit I told him everything seemed fine since the surgery, except that I felt like I might be getting the flu. He sent me for a blood test, and found that I did not have the flu!

We were very surprised at the news. And the timing was very stressful as well. We had moved into a new house, I had very expensive surgery, the refrigerator died that day, and I was expecting our 4th child. All in the last 2 months. Oh and my husband had switched jobs, and we had left the church he had grown up in and were joining another. It certainly was not the timing I would have chosen.

But God knew best.

What a blessing Lizzie has been to us! She was a gift that drew our whole family together. The 3 older children really didn’t remember life without all 3 of them. Lizzie’s arrival changed the whole dynamic of the family.

She has a very different personality from her older brothers and sister. She’s more outgoing. She’s always been independent. She’s more compassionate. She’s funny and completely silly at times. (She’s also a first class drama queen!)

Happy Birthday to my very favorite 6 year old!


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  3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Lizzie!”

  1. You said it well … “but God!” Happy birthday to Lizzie!!

  2. Happy belated birthday to Lizzie.

  3. What a great story! 🙂 Happy day to your special Lizzie. 🙂

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