Oct 032011
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Welcome to the 31st edition of The Christian Home, a weekly Blog Magazine posted every Monday morning. I am happy to be your host again. Each article was submitted by various Christian Blog Authors.I hope you enjoy visiting them, reading their work, and spending some time getting to know them at their own blogs. For your enjoyment, there is a selection of music at the end of this issue. Please feel welcome to play the song while reading this magazine.

Design and Decorate

Featured Columnist – Deanna at Home Haven Ministry presents Decorating on the Prairie: With Thrift Items


Featured ColumnistKristen Hamilton is hosting this week.

Gardening and Flowers

Featured ColumnistBriana at I Can’t Decide will be back with us next week.

Home Business

Featured Columnist – Kathy Brodock at Teaching Good Things will be back with us next week.


Featured Columnist – Heather presents Meal Planning Organization at Marine Corps Nomads.


Feature ColumnistAngie Wright at Petra School will be back with us next week.

Movies and Music

Featured Columnist –  Laura O in AK presents Shiloh ~ the bond between boy and dog at Day by Day in Our World.

The Godly Home

Featured Columnist – Molly at Dancing in the Light of His Glory will be back with us next week.

Julie presents Some Food for Thought at A Teaching Heart.

Health and Fitness Check-in

Featured ColumnistAnnie Kate presents  Fit Mommy Friday: Health and Fitness Check-In posted at Tea Time with Annie Kate.  Head over to Annie Kate’s blog to share your fitness progress and weekly check -in!

Thank you so much for reading!

To submit your work for consideration, or to find out more about The Christian Home magazine,  visit the about page at The Legacy of Home.


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  1. […] to the Health and Fitness Check-In column of The Christian Home Carnival, posted weekly. For encouragement and accountability, you can check in using the linky at the bottom of this post. […]

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  3. Linked up. (found the silly email in my spam…. shame on Gmail!)

    Have a great day!

  4. […] This post is feature in The Christian Home issue 31. […]

  5. I absolutely love that song! Thank you for hosting this!

    Mrs. White

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