End of the year

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It’s the day after Memorial Day. I know from my Facebook page that school is out in some places. In our area, public school students have 2 more weeks of school. We do too. Having a baby December 29 really delayed our school year. (But I can’t think of a better reason to delay it 🙂 )

We are winding down. The big kids have finished their grammar curricula. I’ve put a hold on Greek anyway because we were just spinning our wheels. They’re going to work 2 more weeks on math and Latin and they will be finished. We will be taking our history studies into the summer a bit. And my oldest son will be taking an extra week to finish his science book. (I started the year trying to read his science with him. Not a good plan. He’s made much better progress when he didn’t have to wait for me to be ready.)

I had a whirlwind trip to the NCHE bookfair on Friday evening. We had to do all our shopping in about 90 minutes. Thankfully I had my list. I found a great deal on Second Form Latin for my daughter. I got to look at a couple of resources that I decided not to purchase. I’ve purchased everything I need for next year with the exception of Tapestry of Grace. Since I’m getting the digital version of that, at least it won’t have to reside in the pile of curriculum that is currently beside my bed!

I need to spend much of my time this summer planning our school year. I have learned that I do much better with clear direction during the school year. There are a few new things that I’m excited about. I’ll be sharing more about those later.

Do you take summers off? Do you have to encourage your children to keep learning in the summer?

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5 thoughts on “End of the year”

  1. Oh yes, we always take a summer break. I need the break just as much as the kids. 🙂 We are keeping Paulie writing in his journal all summer, he needs to work on his hand writing. And we might have Sarah do some online practice of graphing in Algebra. She’s having a hard time understanding it, and I don’t remember it much at all. Other than that, we are busy with our church’s VBS and other fun family things. 🙂


  2. We are taking a longer break than usual this summer due to girls camp, lots of yard work, garden, and a trip to visit family it doesn’t help that I’m feeling burned out and so are the kids.

    Typically I tell them no books or anything educational for 1 month. At the end of the month they are begging to get back to school.

  3. Kristen~Your blog looks great, love the pictures at the top!
    We are excited to finish up this year, too. We will have 2 months before it starts all over again. That time will pass quickly. I do encourage the kids to keep their brains active. Reading programs, practice math drills….the big difference is that it is not structured like the rest of the year.

  4. We will be finishing up our TOG 1 during the summer as well. We got behind due to our move in January and I really look forward to starting year 2 in the fall. We will be doing some light Math as well (just got Math on the Level and love the approach)and may be some spelling. Our summer is kind of starting this week as i will start to do very light schooling up until August when I am hoping to start back full blown.

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