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Is it just me, or do things fall apart just when you’re patting yourself on the back for having everything together?

I guess I’m not humble enough.

This morning everything was going great! Baby boy slept until about 7:30. I was already up and showered! I had emptied the dishwasher and even decided to make Banana chocolate chip oatmeal bars for breakfast. They were almost done when I went and got him out of bed, and he even waited patiently in his exersaucer while I got them out of the oven.

Things were going great.

Until I tried to put him down for his nap. Normally he takes a wonderful morning nap.

But not today. He cried. I figured he would stop in just a minute and I had to get some school done with the kids.

But he didn’t. So my daughter comforted, restarted his mobile, and put him back down. He was quiet for about 5 minutes.

Meanwhile my oldest son is asking for help with his Latin translation while I’m trying to help my middle son with his phonics workbook.

Check on baby again. He’s still fine, just apparently doesn’t want to nap.

Start younger daughter on Reading Kingdom on the computer, give middle son the same dictation sentence for the 15th time, find basic guidelines for oldest son to write a lab report, which he should know by now. If I had made him write all the lab reports.

Baby starts crying again.

Older daughter needs help with Greek lesson. I realize again that I’ve been having the kids do their Greek lessons without any instruction from me. They haven’t been drilling enough. It’s too hard now. I don’t know what’s going on. Why are we learning Greek again? Can I just quit?

Middle son misses the same spelling words that he missed yesterday and the day before. Then his back started hurting.

Is baby asleep?



Start middle son on math.

Start to write a meaningless blog post about how stressed out I am.

But before I figure out what this is all about, baby wakes up again.

I’d better go.


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1 thought on “Relax”

  1. Oh so sorry you are having one of those days. Never easy. I hope your day got better and that tomorrow will be great for you. 🙂


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