Elements of Faith

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Elements of Faith: Faith Facts and Learning Lessons from the Periodic Table Vol. 1

by Richard D. Duncan

Elements of Faith Vol. 1 discusses the first 50 elements of the periodic table. For each element the author has included the following sections: Data, Analysis, Reaction, Quick Quiz, and Response. The Data section contains several facts about the elements. Analysis typically contains a bit of the history of the discovery or uses of the element. It often relates the element to the Bible in some way. The Reaction section always includes scripture and is related back to the Analysis section. This is followed by a multiple choice Quick Quiz which covers mainly facts about the element. The final section is a Response to the Reaction section and includes a prayer. Also included in the book are several experiments, a glossary, the answers to the Quick Quizzes and a Periodic Table.

But what do the elements have to do with Biblical topics? That is what makes this book unique. The author has done a spectacular job of weaving these topics together. For example, Bromine is the “smelly” gas. The Analysis discusses the sense of smell and the sense of taste and their respective roles in chemical identification. The Reaction section is about the raising of Lazarus. This is related because Martha warned Jesus that “by this time there is a stench, for he has been dead four days” (John 11:39). The Quick Quiz includes questions on the origin of the word bromine, where bromine is found, what type of element it is, and who is the brother of Mary and Martha. Finally, the Response takes the Reaction section further and brings out that it was at dinner after the raising of Lazarus that Mary annointed Jesus’ feet and the perfume she used also had a smell – but this time a pleasant one.

I requested this book to review from New Leaf Publishing Group. I was interested in the book partly because of the educational background of the author. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and spent most of his career working in water treatment and environmental engineering. I also have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and my husband has worked in the environmental field with a specialty in water supply. He currently teaches chemistry. Chemistry is definitely a topic of interest to us!

Although this is not a complete science course, I think it would make an excellent supplement for chemistry. It also would be suitable as Bible supplement for a science-minded student or could even be used in family devotions. (Especially in a chemistry loving family like ours!)

Disclosure: I received this book to review as a member of the Book Reviewers for New Leaf Publishing Group. All opinions expressed are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful book. My boys love science so much! They even have a poster of the periodic table in their bedroom. Thanks for the review!

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