Almost done

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I posted my final Homeschool Crew review for this year yesterday. What a relief! I love reviewing homeschool products, but wow, it was a long year. I am looking forward to a break.

Speaking of breaks….

4 more days of school!!!!

I don’t know who is more excited, me or the kids. I’m really excited because I can take some time to clean up this place. A long year of busy-ness has made for a cluttered home. Yes, I did just say I’m excited to clean. I know I’m weird. I’ve come to accept it.

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8 thoughts on “Almost done”

  1. WooHoo! I bet you are looking forward to a nice Summer Break! How long will you be off? We start back at the end of July. Is there going to be some more tutorials posted on how to use links in posts and how to make your about me paragraph show up under your picture? That is two place I have not figured out yet. OY! I sure am figuring out how techie challenged I am.

    1. I sure am! We tend to follow my husband’s schedule (a public school teacher, lol), though we are finishing a week earlier than his students. We’ll probably start back around the second or third week of August when he goes back to work.

  2. Yippee for you on the school year being over! And I DO understand how you feel about cleaning – I love it too!!!

    I was so excited to click over to HSB today and see a “real” front page! Oh happy day! The stark white was leaving me a little depressed! lol Anyhow, didn’t know who else to share my excitement with 🙂

    have a fabulous day!

  3. Hi Kristen,
    Lucky you! We have 4 weeks left still! (I took a break earlier in the year due to morning sickness).

    I wanted to ask you…we use Tapestry of Grace as well and I noticed you have a button for your year plan there on your side bar (we are finishing Year 2, also!). Where can I find those buttons? Thanks in advance!

    1. You can get the buttons as a TOG affiliate. It’s easy to sign up. Just look on the TOG website. (But we’re not finishing year 2. I’m hoping to finish Unit 2! Although we didn’t take off from school, we had a hard time getting to everything.)

  4. Oh that’s right! I am an affliate, though haven’t been very active. I’ll have to check out my page there. 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    Yes, there is a lot involved in Tapestry – but remember, it’s like a buffet! Pick and choose what’s best for your children. 🙂

    My biggest challenge is prepping myself as the teacher so I can have conversations with my daughter about the material. *blush* I need to be better disciplined with my time. Oh I have much to learn!

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