May 012010
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Is it really May already? I must be getting old, talking about how quick the time goes 😉 But things have been moving at warp speed around here.

I never found the time to post a wrap-up of last week, so I’ll make this a 2 week summary.

We got started back on Tapestry of Grace and have had 2 very good weeks. My older son is reading Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself. Last week he made plastic out of cream and vinegar.

It used 1/2 cup of cream. The instructions were to add vinegar 1 tablespoon at a time over medium heat. Curds were supposed to form. We finally saw some curds, but we lost track of how much vinegar we added. The whole house smelled like vinegar.

Here are our curds before rinsing.

This is the tiny cube of plastic that he ended up with.

Also in history we’ve read about the voyages of Christopher Columbus and the first Portuguese explorers to sail around the southern tip of Africa in a book called Explorers Who Got Lost.
We also got back to our Apologia Flying Creatures study. My daughter made 2 identical bird feeders out of milk jugs. She put different types of seed in the feeders to see which type of seed our backyard birds prefer.

My daughter finished her Rod and Staff English book.

We also finished Elementary Greek Level 2. (Older son and older daughter.)

Today I got to see my son play flag football for the first time. All his games have conflicted with my daughter’s soccer games.

Here he is playing center.

Then after lunch, we all went to my daughter’s soccer game.

Now I’m ready to rest!

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  7 Responses to “Weekly Wrap Up (5/1/10)”

  1. That plastic is so cool. I love all the great things to learn! Thanks for sharing.



  2. A busy couple of weeks. The plastic looks neat.

    I will have to find that book, Explorers Who Got Lost! It sounds fun. Hope you have a good weekend, with the chance to relax!

    AF Wife99

  3. The plastic project from the Leonardo book looked super cool. It sounds like you've had two very productive weeks!


  4. The plastic is so cool!!!! Bird feeders too.

    We're doing flying creatures next year and we are so excited!

  5. The plastic is so cool!!!! Bird feeders too.

    We're doing flying creatures next year and we are so excited!

  6. Plastic, from cream and vinegar?? Ha, that sorta makes me wonder about eating those things LOL

  7. Wow, you've got some awesome things going on. I need to check out Tapestry of Grace.

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