Dec 052009
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I had just written up a fairly lengthy post when I hit the wrong button. It is kind of fitting with the way the rest of my day has been going. So rather than rewrite it; here is the last week and a half in pictures.

The Thanksgiving table before the feast.

We went on a field trip to a Science center with our field trip group.

A kaleidoscope


Measuring volume


A rope maze


Baby alligator


Virtual reality


Shark and ray feeding time

We decorated our Christmas tree last night.

Little Santa


Decorating the tree


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  6 Responses to “Weekly Wrap Up (12/4/09)”

  1. Oh yes, losing content, that happens to me too many time I want to think about. It still looks like a productive week you had. Love the Christmas tree.

  2. I love the ribbon on top of your tree! It is lovely. What science museum is that?



  3. . . . especially with that great new paint job in the background! Love it!

  4. Looks like you had a tradition-filled week…my favorite kind! And I really want to try out that rope maze!!

  5. Uggh, I've lost posts too. I enjoyed the picture review!

  6. Your tree is beautiful! How was your turkey day, okay? 🙂

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