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  1. Hi, Thanks for the comment over on my blog. Dumb Dawn.

    I wanted to come over here and share with you that I use to Home School My daughters. Until they got to High School.

    I was about to HS, my son. I had all of his books ready to go, but decided to let him try Pre-School when he was 4. He loved it so much, and I really enjoyed him being in it. So we decided he would go back for Kindergarten. He didn't want to though…he wanted to stay in Pre-K "Foreveah"…LOL

    He never got a chance to try kindergarten before he passed away.

    I really miss Home schooling. I have one Senior in High school now, and one Junior.

    I'm so sad that they both are almost grown up…

    Hold on to your kids and cherish EVERY moment you have with them. You'll never regret that.


  2. Gracie loves Rush Hour and all of those types of games. I bought her two more at the homeschool convention in NY this past summer – one with chocolate candies and another with puzzle pieces that you use to cover animals – they both look simple but they actually take a huge amount of thought! I also played Set at that convention and thought it was fun. This is a good Christmas idea – I'll have to look for it.

    Thanks for the reminder,


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