Simple Spinach Salad

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I like salad, but I really hate to make them. All the chopping and slicing tends to keep me from taking the time. Plus there’s the keeping a bunch of different vegetables around to use in the salad without them spoiling. I’m sad to say, I have thrown away way too many vegetables. Last year I got the recipe for my sister-in-laws famous spinach salad. I always thought it must be too hard for me to make, but it’s really very simple. I have served this for a real progressive dinner, taken it to church dinners, and fed it to my family ever since I got the recipe and it gets rave reviews every time!


Baby spinach
Feta cheese
Slivered almonds
Garlic powder
Balsamic vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You can also add onion slices, pepper slices, and black olives but I’ve always left them out.

To make the salad I use pre-washed, organic baby spinach which is available at Sam’s for a MUCH better price than any grocery store. Add desired amount of spinach to large bowl. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, garlic powder (a little goes a long way so unless you really like garlic go light or leave it out entirely), and crushed oregano. Add crumbled feta cheese. (I use about 3/4 cup for my family of 4 salad eaters.) Mix together balsamic vinegar and EVOO at a ratio of about 1 to 2. Pour onto salad and mix well. Serve immediately after dressing.

I wish I had thought to take a picture when I made this on Monday. It really looks good too! This salad is the only salad that Works for Me!

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