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Salads have never been a part of our typical menu. One of the reasons is that the ingredients are expensive. Another reason is I’m lazy about making salads. (And then those expensive vegetables go bad in the refrigerator. That makes the salad even more expensive!)

But, I know that they are very good for us. I was so thrilled to find that Sam’s sells organic baby spinach at an excellent price. That really leaves me with no excuse. Now I’ve got easy salad at a good price. Of course I just dump the spinach into the bowl because that’s one of the things that make spinach salads easier than lettuce. You don’t have to tear or chop the leaves.

But then my husband mentioned that he thinks the leaves are actually a little to big to serve as-is. WHAT? There goes my easy salad plan. But, a friend at church showed me a simple way to cut those leaves. It’s one of those so simple things that I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. (Maybe after you read it, you’ll wonder why I didn’t think of it either!)

Here’s the tip.

Kitchen shears

Just pour the spinach in the bowl. (She actually did it with spring mix, but I usually buy spinach). Take your handy kitchen shears. Point them down into the spinach and start snipping! Easy, bite-sized spinach leaves.

It is definitely working for me!

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3 thoughts on “Salad snipping tip”

  1. Great idea, I use my scissors to snip other things – like whole stewed tomatoes I never thought to do it to my spinach! Thanks for the tip.

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