Nov 252009
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Have you ever heard anyone say, “So-and-so is really book smart, but they don’t have any common sense?” I heard that more than once as a child… Said about me. I, of course, was offended and couldn’t believe that anyone could think that about me. And truthfully, I wasn’t lacking common sense to the extreme.

But, I’ve come to realize as an adult that I haven’t been particularly gifted in noticing the obvious. It’s actually quite humbling and frustrating too.

Today I’ve had one of those, “How in the world did you not figure this out sooner?” moments.

Sweet Potatoes

Here’s what I’ve discovered. Maybe this will be a timely reminder to some other idiot  someone else since it is sort of related to Thanksgiving.

The peeling comes off of a baked sweet potato very easily. However, it is very difficult to peel a raw sweet potato.

I knew both of these facts. Here’s where the lack of common sense comes in.

When you are making sweet potato casserole, BAKE the sweet potatoes first. DON’T try to peel them, dice them, and boil them before mashing.

I’m thankful that I have that figured out now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo credit: Wally Hartshorn – Flikr

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  5 Responses to “Common Sense”

  1. You're too cute. Truth be told, I never would have known that. I've never worked with "real" sweet potatoes (I've always used the canned one). I'm so proud of you for figuring this out for me!

  2. My Granny just taught me that this week, only I boiled them instead of baking. Then our family watched a Thanksgiving themed "Challenge" on food network, and the judges picked on one of the familys that did it the hard way.

  3. Actually, I should have started earlier to do it the easy way, though! LOL! I need to make our sweet potatoes now. I have a way of boiling them, mashing them, and then sweetening them with brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg (plus butter of course!) which our family really likes. We skip the marshmallow topping and no pecans here since I'm allergic!

  4. you got a little "crazy mom" in you too! LOL

  5. Whoa! That's actually a doggone good idea! Baked instead of boiled. Hmm. Going to try that this week, actually, and see if there is any noticeable difference in taste!

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