Aug 212009
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This post is definitely a little different from the typical here, but I had to share. Thanks to Kimberly @ Raising Olives, I discovered a really neat blog called Girly Do’s By Jenn. We’ve been pretty limited with our girls’ hairstyles in this house. We have the basic ponytail, the partial ponytail and the occasional french braid. I didn’t really do anything special to my daughter’s hair when she was little because it was thin and slippery. Now it’s thickening up and is not nearly so difficult to work with. Today I saw a style that looked really doable on Girly Do’s called Elegant prom hair style, so I decided to give it a try. (I know, it certainly doesn’t sound easy.)

I thought it turned out cute. (If you ignore the few little flyaways and the slightly lumpy hair.)

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  6 Responses to “Girly Do”

  1. Two of my girls have long hair, and I never do anything to it. Perhaps this will help. 🙂

    Annie Kate

  2. I think it looks great!!

  3. Love it! Great Job! BTW, thanks for your comment the other day.

  4. Great job Kristen. Jenn really does have some wonderful hair styles.

    Look for her to guest post on Raising Olives in September. It should be fun!


    Kimberly @

  5. That is GORGEOUS, Kristen!

    I so need to check out that site and try something new on Gracie's hair. Her hair was like silk for so long and nothing would stay in it; but it's finally starting to cooperate a bit. We'll see …


  6. It looks great, Kristin! I'm sure your daughter felt like a princess! I'll need to check out that site and try out some dos on my daughter.

    ~Bekah H.

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