Quotes from my silly 7 year old

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I think it is so interesting how God has given each of us a unique personality. I love seeing how different my children are, and boy are they different! My third child is a 7 year old boy. He goes full throttle all the time, and is such a ham. This kid has had us laughing from his high chair.

Doesn’t he just look mischievous? He is also very immature for 7. I think maybe it’s because he got to be the baby longer than any of the older children did.  Who knows? I wanted to write down some of the things he’s said recently, so that I won’t forget.

  • When I grow up, I’m going to be a church preacher. But I’ve got 2 problems: I don’t know many Bible stories and I can’t read.
  • A really HUGE catfish would be a tiger fish, a lion fish, or a leopard fish.
  • Let’s get a pet alligator and keep him in the attic.
  • To sister: I’m going to turn into a bee and sting you!

  • Notice what his sign says. It is all too appropriate.

  • Son: I SAID, go get me some dessert.
    Me: Who is the one who can tell people what to do?
    Son: I am.

Boy have we got our work cut out for us raising this one. But at least we’ll get to laugh along the way!

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2 thoughts on “Quotes from my silly 7 year old”

  1. He sounds like my Zach who wants a volcano in his bedroom, and is stressed out about who he will marry because he doesn't know (age five). He asked me if he can marry when he learns how to drive…..He has also had the police and fire department at our house twice by the time he was three. He sounds like your son in a way-keeping us on our knees, and laughing along the way.

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