Weekly Report (9/12/08)

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This was our first week of almost full school!  I added science, spelling, Latin, and Greek to the math and Tapestry of Grace assignments we were doing.  I also resumed phonics, math, and handwriting with my younger son.  I am so shocked, because it went smoothly!


My beautiful schedule that I posted here was made and admired for over 2 months before I actually put it to use.  Part of me didn’t want to try the schedule because I knew it wouldn’t work. (I tend to be one of those glass half-empty people.) The perfectionist in me was planning for failure.  However, it actually went well.  Our days flowed smoothly.  The children got their schoolwork down.  I read books to my younger 2 children.  I did my housework.  I cooked dinner.  WOW!


To summarize our week:


5th grade son

  • Completed 5 exercises in Singapore Math 5B (Multiplying and dividing decimals by multiples of 10)
  • Reviewed first 4 chapters of LFC Primer C and began chapter 5
  • Took placement tests in Spelling Power and began Level H
  • Put the final touches on the Royal Game of Ur.


3rd grade daughter

  • Completed 10 pages in Miquon yellow.  Will finish book next week and begin Singapore 3A.
  • Started Spelling Power Level D
  • Completed LFC Primer A Chapter 1

1st grade son

  • Practiced C-V-C words with Happy Phonics
  • Learned lowercase w and a in HWT
  • Practiced writing and counting numbers 11-20 Singapore K 2A.
  • Made a model ziggurat from boxes at TOG co-op


5th and 3rd grader

  • Completed Week 1 in Elementary Greek 2. (Alphabet review and Uncial (uppercase) letters)
  • Read 6 chapters in Tirzah (TOG)
  • Completed compositions on the Tower of Babel (TOG)
  • Listened to Exodus chapters 19-30 (TOG)
  • Learned the furnishings of the tabernacle (TOG)
  • Began making a model of the tabernacle (TOG)

5th, 3rd, and 1st grader

  • Completed Lesson 1 in Elementary Zoology 3 (Predator and prey, animal careers)
  • Made M&M habitat and did an M&M camouflage experiment

  • Participated in TOG co-op
  • Attended science class at local science museum

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