Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Weeks 5 and 6

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We have had a fairly busy 2 weeks with our Tapestry of Grace (TOG) studies.  The topic of Week 5 is the Tower of Babel and Mesopotamia.  Week 6 focuses on the stories of the Patriarchs.  We were assigned chapters 12-50 in Genesis in one week!  Thankfully, we have the whole Bible on CD which we listened to this week or I don’t think I would have any voice left!


Last week we had our 2nd co-op meeting where we finished up discussing Egypt.  The UG kids made pyramids out of sugar cubes.


tapestry of grace year 1 weeks 5 and 6

My kids tend to be slow on doing projects so they weren’t able to finish them at co-op. They finished them last week at home.


They also painted their salt dough maps that they made at our first co-op meeting.


tapestry of grace year 1 weeks 5 and 6

My older son has spent 2 weeks designing a Royal Game of Ur game board. It’s 99% finished, but I don’t have pictures to share of it yet. My daughter made a model ziggurat which we downloaded from here. She also started a weaving project.


Finally, yesterday I decided to try the no-bake cookie dough map idea.  My younger son made a map of Israel.

tapestry of grace year 1 weeks 5 and 6

My daughter made a map to show Abraham’s journey from Ur to Canaan, to Egypt, and back to Canaan.


tapestry of grace year 1 weeks 5 and 6


My older son made the same map as my daughter, but he added flags to identify the cities.

tapestry of grace year 1 weeks 5 and 6

Everyone enjoyed themselves making and eating their maps!

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8 thoughts on “Tapestry of Grace Year 1 Weeks 5 and 6”

  1. here are some of my mindmap bookmarks.


    Also from my blog, I have posted 2 entries on mind maps.

    A simple Mind map on Latin revision


    A Time-Map, our own hybrid of timeline and mindmap..


    Currently, we are doing mindmap poster of New Zealand.

    It is a mix of mindmap, lapbooking, notebooking laid out in poster board for narration/presentation when already completed. I guess, I have to blog more on this topic for more details.


  2. Oh man, you're making me jealous. I so miss all of our hands on projects. How are you liking TOG? There is a co-op starting around here, but it's for year one and we just did ancient history last year.

    Oh, how I miss our co-ops!

    It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. I like the no-bake cookie maps. How do they taste?


  3. hello, I loved your map!!!

    i wanted to know how u made the rivers Of what ingredients

    And how you made the dough

    thank you!!!

    love from Brazil!!!

  4. I made the rivers out of white icing with food coloring added. I have a little kit for decorating cakes and squeezed it through that. The edible map is a peanut butter, powdered milk, and corn syrup if I remember correctly. It was really sticky. The next time I make edible maps I think I'll just use sugar cookie dough and bake it before adding the icing.

  5. Hello, again from Brazil!

    wanted to thank you for answering!

    I hope our progect comes out as good as yours did!


    thank you!!!


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