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Molly at Counter-Culture mom wrote a good article on the value of catechising children. It was a good reminder for me.  We have been memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism for a couple of years now. Our memorization has slowed down over the summer though and I am planning on working some on it every morning in our Bible time.

I have updated my scripture memory box to include the Catechism questions that we have learned.  I was a few (like 15) behind.  I used the Scripture Memory System from Simply Charlotte Mason to set up our scripture memory box.  The system uses notecards and dividers to organize your daily recitation.  As you learn a passage better, it gets moved to a different level of review.  It’s a really great idea.  You do of course have to use the system for it be effective.  We’ll be adding our memory box to our routine when school resumes tomorrow morning.

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  1. We start Tues. My focus this year is to read through the Bible with the kids. I'm hoping we can stick to it. We homeschool mom's love loftly goals don't we!


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