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I confess, I have always been scared of scrapbooking.  I was scared of the cost, the clutter, the mess, and the overwhelming variety of things to choose.  I have a hard time making decisions and the scrapbook aisles in Michael’s make me hyperventhilate. 

So, when I heard of digital scrapbooking, I was a little more interested.  With digital scrapbooking you can eliminate the clutter, the mess, and most of the cost of traditional scrapbooking.  You still unfortunately have the overwhelming variety of options.  I downloaded free digital scrapbook software from here on  It’s pretty nice software.  (Especially for free!)  They also have backgrounds, embellishments, design templates, and designer collections that all can be downloaded for FREE! 

I finally got around to trying it out over the weekend.  I was going to visit both of my grandmothers who live in Tennessee.  They have never been to our house and most likely will never get to visit here because of the distance and their health.  So, I made scrapbook pages of pictures of our house.  Here they are.  I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.  I think I may not be artistic enough for this hobby though. 

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5 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking”

  1. Raisingarrows

    What a timely post!!! I am really considering going to digital scrapbooking for various reasons. I'm definitely going to look into the free software!!!

  2. You're home is beautiful. It's very uncluttered which I love and I can see that you like pretty colors on your walls also!

    I've been making a wedding album digitally through It's turning out very nice and I don't have to cut up my pictures. I plan on buying for myself for our anniversary. He he!


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