My birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday. My husband gave me my first gift on Thursday evening which was this coffee maker.  Then yesterday morning I didn’t get up at 5:20 to work out at the Y.  In fact, I didn’t get out of bed until 7:30 and I stayed in my pajamas until 10:30 (that is not something that I typically do on a school day).   We did light school yesterday, finishing up our lapbooks on Inventions and Inventors. Hopefully I’ll post pics later.  Then DH came home early because he was at a conference and I opened a couple more gifts.  A yogurt maker from DH and younger son and older son and older daughter got me an apple slicer like this one, and a peeler too.  I am going to put the peeler to use later on a ton of sweet potatoes!

After opening presents, my in-laws came over and watched the children while DH and I did a little shopping and went out to dinner.  We went to a local restaurant called The Village Tavern.  Yum! Then we looked at couches, did some Christmas shopping for the baby, and came home.  It was a very pleasant day for me.  I can’t help thinking how different my expectations for my birthday are now compared to 10 years ago (before kids).  All my gifts were for the kitchen and my shopping was mainly for Thanksgiving linens and a turkey roaster and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Maybe I’m alone, but sometimes I look at myself and see what a sinner I still am, and I think how is the Lord ever going to change me?   Then I look back and see, that yes, He is changing my desires.  He is teaching me contentment. I can be content at home with such “mundane” goals as keeping my children clothed in clean laundry, preparing good food for my family and living within the means He has provided for us.  He is teaching me to appreciate a quiet evening with my husband.  He works slowly through many circumstances. But He is working.

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:   Philippians 1:6

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5 thoughts on “My birthday”

  1. Wow thanks for that reminder. Although you were stating about yourself I kind of went ohh yeah . I know right what she means. I always am so hard on myslef as a sinner but really when I do look back I really am doing much better. Just little by little.



  2. For some reason I am unable to comment on blogger. Maybe you'll look back here. Anyway, I love the yogurt maker. I use Stonyfield Farm as my starter and it has made perfect yogurt every time. I've already made 4 quarts!

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